The elements are being chosen. Will you have enough courage to try for one? Or will you let your demon comtrol you?
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 WolfParadise Legend

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PostSubject: WolfParadise Legend   February 12th 2010, 8:42 pm

There was as great and powerful god that roamed the land with care and love. His name was Fenrir. He was very well respected and loved. One day he met a mortal she-wolf, Akira. They fell in love and she barred him sons. Aku and Thanatos. Aku was prized by his father. He had a loving and gentle heart. Thanatos was different. He tried but could not please his father. He went to his mother, but she could not do anything. He grew angry and selfish. His heart became black. Fenrir was walking with Aku and ignored Thanatos. Thanatos became jealous and went to his mother.
He asked his mother why father despised him. She did not answer. Already angry, he struck out. Akira let out a painful yelp and fell to the ground bleeding. Thanatos felt power and stood over his mother. “I love you, Mother.” He whispered. He grabbed her neck between his jaws and snapped them shut. He threw the body down and darted away looking for his father and brother.
Fenrir was teaching Aku to master the water element. They were facing the water and talking. Both were so intent that they payed no attention to what was around them. Aku had his tail near the water and was making the water flow out of the river and into the air. Aku had great concentration. His father was smiling in accomplishment. The water broke and Aku looked up. His brother was behind his father with Fenrir’s neck in his mouth. The father did not struggle but instead spoke. “For what you have done, You will be cursed. Your heart will destroy you and you will become a monster. Because you are my son you will be a god, But you will be the god of death. Aku will take my place.” Thanatos forever killed the loving god. He drops the gods body to the ground and turns to his brother. His eyes glowing red. Aku turned away. Thanatos let out a loud piercing screech. Chains that glowed a fiery red shot out from the top of his head. They grew into his skin in places and wrapped around his legs and body. His tail twisted and the hair fell off. It became whip like with horns. Bones grew from the side of stomach. He became a demon/God of hell. He was shocked and in pain. His eyes became clouded with blood. Aku stood in horror. Thanatos struck with pain and blind with rage attacked his brother. Aku fought back.
The battle ended with both brothers bloody and exhausted. Aku had enough strength to stand. He bared his fangs and with great force spoke. “Leave now , Brother!” Thanatos stood , some of the chains had broke and the largest bone protruding from his side had been broke off. Other than that he had a few scratches. Aku on the other hand had lost something. His sight. His brother had scratched his eyes destroying the pupil. His godly powers had made is possible to see. But he forever lived without color. Thanatos’ rage was over for now and he disappeared at his brothers might.
Aku created a kindgdom for wolves of all kinds; He called it Wolf Paradise. His brother took up a territory in this world. And this is where are story begins.
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WolfParadise Legend
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